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30 more days


30 more days

Donald Glover Develops New Sitcom at NBC


TV Guide just announced that Donald Glover is developing a new sitcom for NBC with 30 Rock co-executive producer Matt Hubbard:

The new sitcom is being developed as a starring vehicle for Glover. NBC is said to be committed to the project, and is close to sealing a deal for a put pilot (with a large penalty fee if it doesn’t move forward) for the show, which would be loosely based on Glover’s life.

Congrats to Donald, and hopefully we’ll hear more about the show in good time.


Community Effect Mashup: Pt. 3 

Added Version 2s of Jeff Shepard, Annie Lawson, and Abed Solus. Also added new Magnitude/Jacob Taylor and Leonard/Javik (Someone left a note in a post recommending the Leonard/Javik mash-up if you are the one who did this message me so I can give you the proper credit for the idea!) Thanks everyone!

Community tonight:

meh… I think it would have been better off with a cliffhanger, leaving the last scene until the next episode. It was a good episode, but the ending didn’t feel like Community to me. Anyone with me on this?

Community coming to Comedy Central in 2013!


via press release:

NEW YORK, March 14, 2012 – Greendale Community College’s most famous study group will have a new member beginning in 2013 (and it’s not Beetlejuice) as COMEDY CENTRAL has reached a multi-year deal with Sony Picture Television to license the critically-acclaimed comedy series “Community,” it was announced today by David Bernath, Executive Vice President, Program Strategy & Multiplatform Programming/Dean of Students for COMEDY CENTRAL and [Sony Pictures Television].  The all-comedy channel will launch the series with three seasons beginning in the fall of 2013.

“Within the chaos of the current media landscape we are fortunate that we live in a timeline where ‘Community’ comes to COMEDY CENTRAL,” said Bernath.  “Our staff is celebrating with a game of paintball in the offices today.”

Community is a perfect fit for the COMEDY CENTRAL audience,” added John Weiser, president, US distribution for Sony Pictures Television.